What is PGSA?

The “Programme for Health Management in Aquaculture “(Programa para la Gestión Sanitaria de la Acuicultura-PGSA) corresponds to a public private initiative, implementes by the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service, with funding from the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism and the Salmon Industry Association of Chile AG (SalmonChile). This programme seeks to improve public and private health management in aquaculture, generating strategic knowlege multidisciplinary approach that will increase the competitiveness of Chilean aquaculture.



Within the framework of activities in the context of the programme for Health Management in Aquaculture, a series of events have been held, with the aim of disseminating project progress and results. These activities have involved leading researchers and institutions, both national and international, with the assistance of representatives of the most important aquaculture companies and relevant public and academic entities

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